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Despite these challenges, adopting a ^(10)Be production rate of 4.51 at g^(-1) a^(-1) in quartz (Balco et al., 2008), brings three independent ^3He production rate estimates into good agreement with grand means of 103 ± 3, 133 ± 6, and about 134 ± 13 at g^(-1) a^(-1) in zircon, apatite, and spessartine garnet respectively.Such agreement suggests that these phases are suitable for cosmogenic dating.40 Río Grande bridge yielded two ages of 0 and 2 ka, and is presumed to be historical.He exposure ages from older basalts in the NW of the field range from 41 to 43 ± 3 ka.Because ^3He is produced in all mineral phases, it can potentially be applied in almost any lithology.The goals of this thesis is to expand the range of target lithologies suitable for cosmogenic ^3He dating by calibrating production rates of cosmogenic ^3He in accessory mineral phases such as apatite, zircon, and garnet.A recently published K→Ar age of 26 ± 5 ka was sampled within a few hundred meters of three of our cosmogenic exposure age samples and appears to be from the same basalt flow.Given the large uncertainties associated with dating young lava flows, the K→Ar age and our cosmogenic ages are in reasonable agreement; however, they do not overlap within uncertainties and suggest possible systematic discrepancies between the two methods of up to 20% in this instance.

The northwestern part of the field, called Los Volcanes, includes multiple basaltic lava flows and numerous cinder cones and scoria fields.Additional sample attributes (for example erosion, or tectonic uplift rate) can also be added for each sample as additional columns.Optional sample attributes are listed here, to use them you must add the variable name in the header exactly as listed.Results are presented from three calibration studies: glacial moraine boulders in the Nepal Himalaya, young rhyolite surfaces from California’s Coso volcanic field, and rhyolite surfaces scoured by the Bonneville flood near Twin Falls, Idaho.

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