Adrianne curry dating guild member

Adrianne Curry America’s Next Top Model isn’t the first place you’s expect to find geeks, but Adrianne Curry not only look out the top prize for the first season but is a massive geek.Already racking up some Cool Points for having a gothic themed wedding, Curry is also a massive fan of Star Wars and has attended conventions dressed as Princess Leia being an admitted fan of Cosplay.Megan Fox (idc what the haters say, girl is fioonnneeee)She’s constantly seen in candids wearing appropriate geeky attire such as Star Trek t-shirts and is known for spending her time at Comic-Con tracking down artists Michael Turner and J.Scott Campbell and collecting comics like Gen 13 and Witchblade.

Below you will find the Ten Sexiest Female Geeks around (in no specific order…I may be crass enough to write this list, but I’m not so crass as to rank people on their looks).

Her adult acting career doesn’t seem as successful as her child acting career, but that’s because she’s been blowing the lid of mathematics.