Adult asperger s syndrome dating other aspies

(AANE)The similarities between Aspergers and ADHD include: Of course, this list of differences involves a number of generalizations.Not all children with either Aspergers or ADHD respond exactly as other children do with the same condition.She danced to the beat of her own drum so to speak.I didn’t realize until much later that there was no level of compromise in this.She can smell the scents held in a carpet that most of us would miss entirely.

When coming to pick me up from my job, where I wore a shirt and tie, she would almost always come in sweats and a tee because she was not coming from work in her “work uniform.” When I asked why she couldn’t change before she met me so we could go out, she said, “we can go out like this, I’m comfortable.She has to use red or brown tinted sunglasses outside so she can see, and she has to use ear plugs almost all day to minimize the chaos of all the information her brain processes.While some of these things can be great (re-creating meals I like from restaurants), they can still make living day to day a real struggle and challenge.These clothes are nice and soft and I don’t mind going anywhere in them.” At first, I merely thought that she didn’t care enough about my feelings on the subject to compromise on it.

What became obvious later was that it wasn’t that she didn’t care.

I can tell you after fifteen years of marriage to an Aspie, they’re all completely wrong.

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