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And even if that weren’t the case, the election is in one month.Perhaps Republicans wanted to give their candidate a chance to address the allegations, before making a presumption as to his guilt or innocence.If Moore offered a compelling counter-narrative — one that wouldn’t rely on assuming that all 30 people who spoke with the The Obama-Clinton Machine’s liberal media lapdogs just launched the most vicious and nasty round of attacks against me I’ve EVER faced!We are are in the midst of a spiritual battle with those who want to silence our message.Alabama’s state auditor argued that there was nothing wrong with picking up a 14-year-old girl outside her parents’ custody hearing, because (the Virgin) Mary was only a teenager when she married Joseph.So, if Senate Republicans had some basis for doubting the allegations against Moore before the judge weighed in, they have none now. Moore is unfit for office and should step aside.— Mitt Romney (@Mitt Romney) November 10, 2017 It’s worth stepping back for a moment, and remembering that Roy Moore was unambiguously unfit for office even before Thursday’s revelations.

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The GOP’s refusal to disown Roy Moore’s candidacy was a scandal when this week started.