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When he was nine years started singing and at the age of fifteen he joined a band.For his studies he studied at Western Washington University. They are still together and have a happy married life.Are celebrities more likely to divorce or break up?Earlier this week news reports surfaced that Billy Burke, 51, and his partner had split up.It took a few moments to really tell myself it was time to do something about it.'Flicking through my Ibiza holiday photos last year was a real "What!? 'For Alexandra, a typical day on the plan would include a Strawberry Shake for breakfast, followed by a Chocolate Crunch Meal Replacement Bar for lunch 'on-the-go'.You've got to do something about this" moment but the final straw was when the show seamstress made out that it was my microphone that made the dress feel tight and slit the zip on my dress. Her daytime snacks were typically a piece of fruit or a packet of Slim Fast Pretzels.

While after her evening performance, Alexandra enjoys a Spaghetti Bolognese Noodle Pot. if I fancy a treat, I'm having it and Sunday is my treat day!They are a small happy family living a happy life loving each and every one.Looking at the relational status of Burke; Burke and Rose seem to be made for each other they understand each other and support each other and divorce would be the inappropriate word in their relationship.Is the actor best known for his role in The Twilight Saga really single again? (read more)Burke spotted alone A fan spotted Billy Burke walking alone, probably coming back from picking up his mail at the end of his several mile long driveway, on the afternoon of April 8, 2018. “Definitely yes,” says the fan, adding that “He was wearing a large sweater and looked really cute! A rep for Billy Burke was not immediately available for comment.

Truth or rumor, when news that the actor - known for having been romantically involved with Neve Campbell - was splitting hit the internet Monday (April 9), Twitter immediately exploded with pithy commentary.

He never stopped working since he has been involved in Hollywood as an actor. His fans can follow him in twitter as his twitter account is @billy_burke.