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Program #7- Sharing Our Vision Program #8- Deciding "Is This The One?" Program #9- When We Must Say Goodbye Check them out at " It sounds like this might be a red flag and I suggest you heed your own instincts.If you've been honest with her about dating others and have not had a conversation where you mutually agreed to remove your profiles, I don't think you are obliged to do so.Recently, I met a nice young woman online and we've gone on about 9 or 10 dates.

These audio programs are recorded from our live tele-seminars and include the MP3 audio file for playing on your computer, MP3 player (i Pod or other), or burning onto a CD, AND a complete PDF transcript for following along and making notes. Introduction to the Pre-commitment Stage Program #2- Am I Ready to Be a Couple?

With only 9 or 10 dates under your belt, I think you are wise to maintain your single and dating status. Most people feel unloved or unlovable to some degree, and, therefore, insecure.

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