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Such certificate may not be on the date of the marriage older than seven working days. For more information please contact any Office of Vital Records.Documents to be submitted issued by foreign authorities must be officially authenticated (superlegalization, Apostille), unless an international agreement stipulates otherwise, and must be officially translated into the Czech language. If one of the fiancés does not speak or understand Czech, or the fiancé/s is/are deaf and/or mute, the presence of an interpreter is required during the ceremony.The documents to be submitted are stipulated by Act No. on Offices of Vital Records, Names and Surnames (pdf, 452 k B) and on the Amendment to Some Other Related Acts, as amended.Submitted documents must satisfy the prerequisites of public deeds.Meet the most beautiful girls who make the perfect companion right here!You can be sure that you will get to meet those ladies that are the best, and whom you truly like! You also are able to communicate online to know her better before your first date. Your first date may result in you finding your beautiful bride to live with happily forever!!If the interpreter has not been officially appointed by the Ministry of Justice or the Chair of a Regional Court, the interpreter is obliged to take an oath in the presence of an official from the Office of Vital Records.

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Offices of Vital Records (‘matriční úřad’) require documents through which the fiancés can prove legal competence to enter into marriage.Czech Republic women, pretty girls from Prague and beautiful ladies from Eastern European countries are waiting to meet you!!Your first date will be our responsibility, and we will help you find the perfect match from our database of wonderful looking girls in Prague, Bratislava, Czech Republic and Slovakia and other eastern European countries!The wording of the oath is submitted by the registrar.

Therefore it is necessary for fiancés to inform the relevant registrar of the fact that they do not speak Czech, or they are deaf and/or mute, while their documents are being processed before the marriage itself.

A declaration on entering into marriage is made publicly during the wedding ceremony in the presence of two witnesses.

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