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In the 21th century, it was raised to 10 years and then to 11 years.When the communists came into power in 1947, compulsory education was 7 years, but this was not enforced.Education became compulsory in Romania in the 19th century, in 1864, under ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza, when four years of primary school became free and compulsory for all children, regardless of social class and sex.Despite this, the law was not enforced, and mass illiteracy persisted well into the 20th century: in the 1930s, 43% of adults were 5–6 p.m., with three snacks and one meal, and almost always including after lunch sleeping periods).In rural areas, most kindergartens only have a short schedule.The Romanian literacy campaigns started in 1948 largely eradicated illiteracy in the 1950s.The education system of Romania resembles the French education system.

Kindergartens offer preschool education for children (usually between ages 3–6) and are 1 p.m., with one snack or meal), a medium schedule (typically 8 3 p.m., with one snack and one meal) and a long schedule (typically 8 a.m.After the 1989 revolution, compulsory education was lowered again to 8 years.

The new government cited as reasons the poor quality of education, high strain on the state budget, and inflation of diplomas.

Kindergarten typically lasts for 3 forms – "small group" (grupa mică) for children aged 3–4, "middle group" (grupa mijlocie), for children aged 4–5, and "big group" (grupa mare) for children aged 5–6.

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