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The vibrant Red Light District in Amsterdam is one of the most important, but also one of the most controversial tourist attractions in the Netherlands.On all but two small streets, women sell their bodies for sex.These resources include STD tests, legal advice, psychosocial aid, and assistance in quiting prostitution.Most prostitutes come for the free STD tests that are offered.It is very easy to get a paydate through one of these websites.Chapter 2 will elaborate more about the phenomenon of paydates and chat rooms. Little is known about these private houses, where predominantly foreign boys are forced to work as prostitutes.Male prostitution is characterized by three major taboos.First, receiving money for sex is not generally accepted (from either male or female clients). And third, men are not “supposed” to be the victims of prostitution or sexual abuse, which often leads to their not seeking professional help when they need it (Repetur, 2011).

This term is probably reserved for females in the Red Light District or to people who consider sex work their full time job.Of course, there were men whom he did not find attractive, but he had various tricks to overcome that problem.Jacques van der Kolk of the Prostitution and Health Center of the Public Health Care (GGD) described most clients and providers as identifying as bi- or homosexual.The term "paydate" also indicates the voluntary – and perhaps more pleasurable – characteristic of these meetings.

One of the men in the café told us that he himself had had paydates in the past, as both a client and provider.

Paydates are sex dates, organized via different websites such as .

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