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During the Warsaw process against the OUN (November 18, 1935 - January 13, 1936) Shukhevych was called as a witness.Shukhevych stood by his right to speak in Ukrainian for which he was fined 200 złoty.After greeting the court with the call "Glory to Ukraine," Shukhevych was once again interned.He was incarcerated for his membership in the Regional executive of the OUN.The company was very successful and had sections working with the press and film, publishing booklets, printing posters, selling mineral water, and compiling address listings. In November 1938, Carpathian Ruthenia gained autonomy within the Czechoslovak state.Shukhevych organized financial aid for the government of the fledgling republic and sent OUN members to set up the Carpathian Sich.

Shukhevych took an active part in developing a concept regarding the formation of a Ukrainian army.In December 1938, he illegally crossed the border from Poland into Czechoslovakia, traveling to the Ruthenian city of Khust.he set up the general headquarters for the fight against the Czechoslovak central government.The lawyer in the process was his uncle Stepan Shukhevych.

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