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The employees want to argue about proportion size when you can clearly see that is not correct bad customer service.Reply Visited store on Bloomingdale in Brandon, Fl last night.One of the managers walked away while we were talking with our receipt in her hand and refused to give it to us. My friends and I will never eat at another Chipotle again. Last week I went into Chipotle on Garnet Ave and when I got home my chips tasted stale.

In 1998, with 16 locations in Colorado, Chipotle sought outside investors to scale the business more quickly. The first stores outside Colorado were opened in Columbus, OH and Minneapolis, MN the following year.Which I couldn’t do because I only get 30 minutes for lunch and had already waited for 20.I also paid for a bag of chips that I was told was in my bag, just checked, it’s not.The company used “rolling blackouts” in which the stores without pork were rotated until finally resolving the issue in the fall of 2015. As of late 2015, Chipotle currently has over 2,010 locations in 43 states.

In October 2015, over 40 people were confirmed sick after eating at Chipotle locations in Washington and Oregon. International locations include Ontario, London and Paris. Chipotle’s corporate office and headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado.

After I spend 20 minutes on the phone – I give them the delivery address (which is less than 1 mile from the Warrenville store) only to be told oops no truck that day – what time would you like to pick up your order. I don’t drive a truck – therefore that was why I wanted it delivered.