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That’s why Palm Springs is often referred to as “Hollywood’s largest back lot” — for its proximity to Los Angeles and its diversity of exotic settings: snowcapped mountains, stately palm trees, and rolling sand dunes that can resemble almost any place on earth.Besides their aesthetic beauty, these wonderful sights offer filmmakers several tangible benefits, including year-round sunshine, lower production costs, and convenient locations.Complete the questionnaire, get matched to a counselor and start counseling today!may not be spelled out in billboard-size letters, straddling the mountainside like the familiar Hollywood sign, which has beckoned generations of sightseers to the world’s filmmaking capital.

A more cautionary tale was told in Bret Easton Ellis’ bestseller: . They drive to Palm Springs in Mc Carthy’s red Corvette.I've found some really cool looking hotels with great amenities but when it comes down to us Ubering and getting around, I want to make sure we are in a good distance to everything.Major points if it has late night room service or early morning coffee bars. One of my best friends is getting married and has decided to have her bachelorette party in May this year in Palm Springs.

Majority of the party hasn't been to Palm Springs so I need some help!

Side note, would like to book the hotel by the end of January.

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