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He dove into his research and discovered his passion: DNA.At parties he was quiet and sober while those around him drank and smoked heavily. The applications of what he was working on were limitless, unimaginable—he was exploring what made people people.But highly interested parties—including a wealthy American-born investor and quite possibly officials in the highest reaches of the British and Russian governments—were watching the story the whole time.P learned of his death on a blog maintained by a Russian opposition figure.That he’d traveled that morning from Paris, where he had, inexplicably, reserved two hotel rooms in different parts of the city for the same nights.

The campus was drab, but Perepilichny was surrounded by some of the brightest minds in the Soviet Union.Now demand soared for products that had been unavailable or very scarce in the Soviet Union. Government ministries wanted them; so did the new businesses popping up.Panchul had been writing software since he was 13, and he began working for a group of fellow students who would buy computers, program them, and sell them at a markup.He collapsed on Granville Road, within 100 meters of the house he was renting for $20,000 a month.

Police and medics were called to the scene, but within 30 minutes, Perepilichny was pronounced dead.

He performed well enough on the entrance exams to win admission to Phystech, a prestigious science university founded at the beginning of the Cold War, in part to develop better ballistic missiles.