Fath based dating

Because of the spiritual connection you make with others in recovery as well as with your counselors and mentors, you will have a community to support you when you face the temptation to fall back into your addiction.The cycle of addiction is a difficult one to break, but often a strong faith can provide an addict with the final push necessary to break free.

For many, this combination leads to a better chance of full recovery.While each facility is structured slightly differently, most religious recovery facilities combine the teachings of their faith with traditional non-spiritual recovery methods.This combined approach can work well for those willing to get sober and able to embrace religious teachings.Help is available to strengthen that faith and achieve victory over addiction.

My Christian friends are always speaking about “faith.” To me this sounds a lot like blind faith. I'm afraid that this is another case of a Christian concept being mis-associated with Judaism. "An acquaintance with truth, facts or principles through study or investigation." Faith is usually a product of desire.

This could make someone practicing a different religion uncomfortable, therefore interfering with his or her recovery.