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Per Pro Publica, a surgeon gets dinged if one of two things occur: The patient dies during the same admission when the surgery was performed or if the patient is readmitted within 30 days of surgery and a panel of doctors determines that the readmission was “related to the surgery.” This is terrible on multiple levels. The word “related” is doing a lot of work in that sentence.So the 84-year-old patient three weeks out from hip replacement who is admitted through the ER with “increasing confusion” due to insomnia and overuse of narcotic pain meds is a red mark against the orthopedic surgeon.What is a patient to do with such unreliable, discordant information? It’s like you’re 19 again, and some girl broke your heart: All is meaningless, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.How does this help an anxious patient make an informed decision? Another troubling aspect to the scorecard is the rather arbitrary way the term “complication rate” is defined. We are simply told that “a panel of physicians” determined whether a readmission was “related” to the recent surgery.I mean, didn’t an editor at Pro Publica find this odd, that the Cleveland Clinic allegedly doesn’t do enough LC’s to qualify for the scorecard?I use to operate a good bit at the east side community hospital Hillcrest.The collective response from the community of practicing surgeons has been, “What the hell is this? First, there are loads of problems with the methodology. It excludes Medicare patients admitted through the ER.

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So, at the mother ship hospitals for the two massive health care providers of Northeast Ohio, there is apparently only one surgeon who did enough LC’s to qualify for the Surgeon Scorecard.7 shooting and stabbing of his girlfriend G’Teasha Elayne Fisher.Parks pleaded not guilty to numerous charges Thursday in the killing as well as a second case in which he allegedly rammed his vehicle into the vehicle of a man and a 5-year-old child.As Pro Publica itself admits: There is a possibility that a surgeon whose adjusted complication rate is “high” might be equivalent to a doctor listed in the “medium” category.