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We all remember Gordo as being the one who so badly wanted Lizzie's heart, but was pushed to the friend-zone and never really managed to get out.Of course until that ill-fated school trip to Italy, but that's for another day.When it was well received, I felt sort of validated, like: ‘yeah, I thought this was a cute show,’ but then when it went to that place in where it got so intensely popular, I’ve never been a part of that commercial success level.I never saw that happen, because I didn’t have any frame of reference for something like that happening, but I believed the show merited being very successful, because I always felt that that show set a mark for itself every week and hit the mark,” she said in an interview with Kees Boer.That doesn’t mean that Robert has been too busy for films – last year, he was in , which is a dramady about a conflict-fearing professional wrestler. Hilary Duff has managed to have a nice little career for herself, and her volunteering work seems to be truly genuine.