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Jerusalem also is interested in strengthening its relations with moderate Muslim countries and already depends on Kazakhstan for around 25% of its oil imports.In addition, Kazakhstan has a small but active Jewish community.

Israel’s relations with Kazakhstan are already flourishing, with great diplomatic, military, medical and economic cooperation, including cooperation in hi-tech and agriculture.Israel has a great opportunity to expand relations with Central Asian countries, which are the linchpin in the project, to tap into this bonanza.By expanding Israel’s strong ties with the largely secular moderate Muslim states in Central Asia, and particularly with Kazakhstan, the “buckle in the belt” that serves as a hub through which East-West rail lines run, Israel could tap into this economic epicenter that would be connecting Europe and China.Brodsky also pointed out that the growing demand in China for organic agricultural products could become a serious incentive for the Israelis to get more involved in Kazakhstan’s agriculture.

The Israeli envoy also emphasized that “bilateral relations between Israel and Kazakhstan reached their peak in December last year with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s first visit to Kazakhstan.”Recently, the two countries celebrated 25 years of diplomatic relations.

Diplomacy with countries such as Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan in the Caucasus “was effectively a recast of Ben-Gurion’s ‘periphery doctrine,” stated Gil Feiler and Kevjn Lim in a Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies report published in 2014.

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