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Town Board member Pat Withers said the RLDC has had informal discussions with New Hempstead and with potential private developers who expressed interest in the site, including Hilton.Withers added: "I know people were upset about how the ballpark got here but quite frankly its here and we have to find a source of economic revenue to support the stability of the ballpark." The RLDC is paying off a 25-year bond that financed the stadium, even though voters rejected a financing plan during an earlier referendum.The latest decision will likely end the yeshiva's long legal fight against Pomona, Chestnut Ridge, Wesley Hills and Montebello and their officials, according to attorney Greg Saracino, representing Pomona. The case was entirely based on innuendo and opinion." Read the Journal story here.March 23, 2016 "For over a dozen years, or more than the entire education of an individual child, the political decision-makers of the State of New York have failed to find a solution to East Ramapo school districts difficult problems.

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This represents money owed on three parcels along Route 306 in Ramapo near the Pomona border.Environmentalists are relying on a century-old state law to derail the construction of a new petroleum pipeline proposed to run through the Lower Hudson Valley.A coalition of conservation groups want to use the, first passed in 1909, to stop Pilgrim Pipeline Holdings LLCs proposal to build two parallel running pipelines 178 miles between Albany and Linden, New Jersey.The Town Board on Thursday unanimously approved transferring 25 wooded acres at 301 Pomona Road to its Local Development Corporation for commercial and/or mixed use.

The land is located in the Village of New Hempstead, which would have to grant all zoning, environmental and building approvals.

Kate Hudson, director of cross watershed initiatives for Riverkeeper, said the law gives villages and cities veto power over anyone who seeks to build pipelines on their lands."Corporations have to come to the cities and villages, and ask permission to build a pipeline through their borders," Hudson said.