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Instructions for many quarterbacks must have been: "whatever you do, don't throw it near no.20." Few defensive players were more exciting to watch or harder to play against than Ed Reed.He had perhaps the best ball hawking skills of any safety to play the game and could lay a licking on receivers.It is now a passing league, and t The game of football has changed from throwing the ball only on third and long, to aerial attacks that spread the ball around the field even on first and second down.It is now a passing league, and that makes the demands of playing defensive back (corner or safety) in the NFL that much greater.If you’re looking for a representative for the definition of reckless abandon, he’s your guy.

Hayes was selected to five Pro Bowls and was also on two Oakland/Los Angeles Raider Super Bowl champion teams.Rodney Harrison was an anchor on the back end, striking fear in opponents.You would never guess it with how friendly he seems on TV now as an analyst, but Harrison was one mean player.These are all great cornerbacks, as well as some of the best football players to play in the NFL.

Thanks to the exploits of these great players who never demanded much help, the position continues to attract some of the best talent and athletic marvels year after year. Speed is usually a must, but a fiesty disposition, cockiness and attitude to match seem to all be traits that the great ones share.

Patrick Peterson happens to be a physical freak with his muscular body and tremendous athleticism, needs to improve in order to hit like Mel Blount or Dick Lane.

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    Feb 9, 2012. A list of the most intimidating players in the NFL. Every player in the NFL has talent, but who are the guys that truly strike fear in their opponents? This list is based on a. 10. Troy Polamalu The Head & Shoulders commercials hurt his stock a bit, but he's still the hardest hitting defensive back in the NFL.…