New boyfriend still on dating site

It’s much easier to connect with someone discreetly online then it is to do so in a public place.

The respondents who had admitted to indulging in a spot of online dating were then asked if they had ever actually met somebody whose profile they had seen, which revealed that 44 per cent of these had done so behind their partner’s back.While I still believe what I wrote there, I’m finding that many of the women who are contacting me are not at the point where they are sure if the man is their “boyfriend” or not.With that in mind I wanted to review one of the recent emails I’ve received from a reader and offer some additional advice for this problem.This post comes from Group Therapy in our Très Sugar Community. We talk on the phone every day, and see each other at least twice a week.

We've been dating now for about a month and a half.

Things have been going great, except he's still logging into his dating profile.