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If you have access to an Windows NT4/200x server, then first set up roaming profiles and/or netlogons on the Windows NT4/200x server.Make a packet trace, or examine the example packet traces provided with Windows NT4/200x server, and see what the differences are with the equivalent Samba trace.That is, it looks like you specified Affect the following settings and ALL clients will be forced to use a local profile: logon home = and logon path = The arguments to these parameters must be left blank.It is necessary to include the Local Computer Policy\ Computer Configuration\ Administrative Templates\ System\ User Profiles\ Disable: Only Allow Local User Profiles Disable: Prevent Roaming Profile Change from Propagating to the Server The specifics of how to convert a local profile to a roaming profile, or a roaming profile to a local one, vary according to the version of MS Windows you are running.While roaming profiles might sound like nirvana to some, they are a real and tangible problem to others.In particular, users of mobile computing tools, where often there may not be a sustained network connection, are often better served by purely local profiles.If you have made the folders/files read-only on the Samba server, then you will get errors from the Windows 9x/Me machine on logon and logout as it attempts to merge the local and remote profile.Basically, if you have any errors reported by the Windows 9x/Me machine, check the UNIX file permissions and ownership rights on the profile directory contents, on the Samba server.

Roaming profiles are feared by some, hated by a few, loved by many, and a godsend for some administrators.

Roaming profiles allow an administrator to make available a consistent user desktop as the user moves from one machine to another.

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