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A great trip, the people I know who've seen the grin on my face know that I've enjoyed my trip, ALOT !It was an amazing and wonderful trip to an intriguing part of the world.We visit the famous landmarks, perhaps even take a high-speed elevator up the Kuwait Towers, and tour the remarkable museums, where we can appreciate ancient Islamic art, calligraphy, pottery, embroideries and jewellery.From here, we head to Bahrain where we saunter around the Old Souk (market), through the maze of alleyways and down to the nearby Dhow Harbour to see some of the Gulf's traditional and distinctive trading vessels.We begin with a visit to the Bahrain National Museum where we will trace the archaeological development of the region.Through sculpture and ceramics, reconstructed burial mounds, Arabic calligraphy and illuminated Korans, the different periods of Bahrain's history are presented. The first dwellings on the site are believed to have been constructed around 2800 BC, and have subsequently been overlaid by numerous fortified settlements.This is a place where modern skyscrapers share the landscape with majestic mosques, embodiments of Islamic art, culture and architecture.

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We had one of the best tour leaders ever, and I have been on a hundred trips.The internal airfares ARE included (any exceptions are listed in red below), but we list the taxes separately on your invoice as they are beyond our control and can change at any time.This foray through the fascinating cultures and beautiful countryside of the Persian Gulf region begins in Kuwait City, which, after an extensive restoration and rebuilding effort, bears little resemblance to the war-devastated area left behind after the Iraqi invasion.Kuwait Towers & National Museum; Spectacular Hajjar Mountains, Oman; Oman's spectacular Mussandam Peninsula enclave; Historic 'Frankincense Trail'; Dubai's stunning modern skyline; Oman Desert Camp experience Prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD), before any applicable taxes.