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It focuses on these topics: Click to view i-SAFE's Curriculum Scope of Lessons Available document.Click to view i-SAFE's Subscription Webcast Videos.These prevention-oriented lessons employ peer-to-peer communication and cooperative learning activities to help students retain this valuable information.The Outreach component facilitates the extension of students' newly acquired e-Safety knowledge beyond the classrooms and introduces the entire community about the need to be safe online. Students are encouraged to become student i-MENTORs who communicate the e-Safety message via peer-to-peer contact and exciting community-wide activities, events and rallies.Learn: Increase awareness of impossible standards created by media and identify other peer and societal pressures.Impact: Recognize and discuss the damaging effects of gender stereotypes and explore positive alternatives to overcome peer, societal and media pressures. •“Forbidden, Expected, Allowed” •“Act Like a Man”/”Be Ladylike” •Celebrity Couples •Deconstructing Media Objectives Determinants: Expose: Explore physical, personal, & emotional boundaries.Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands developed the Youth Violence Prevention Curriculum© for middle and high school-aged youth.Utilizing the principals of effective prevention programming, this 6 lesson curriculum covers a wide range of topics geared toward reducing risk and preventing sexual and relationship violence.

Impact: Introduce methods by which individuals can be aware of boundary violations and promote a secure sense of responsibility for personal safety on and off-line.Activities we might use: Objectives Determinants: Expose: Discuss healthy vs.unhealthy relationships and importance of empathy to help people in need.Certification is not required to teach the lessons.

However, an i-SAFE Professional Development Program (PDP) ' face-to-face or online through the i-LEARN video modules ' is recommended to update educators on the specific topics covered in the curriculum.

Contact SHRCC’s Education Director, Jennifer O’Shields, via email or call 864-583-9803 to schedule a presentation.

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