Parental consent form for dating

The templates below were created to help you create the documents you will need to communicate to participants what they will do in the study.The documents you provide participants will range from recruitment materials to post-debrief consent forms, and you need to submit everything that you provide to a participant to our Board for review.Every effort will be made to keep clinical records, research records, and other personal information confidential.We will take the following steps to keep information confidential, and to protect it from unauthorized disclosure, tampering, or damage: ___________ Describe confidentiality protections here.

General Consent Template: This form covers all of the basic elements that are required for a consent document.Follow-up such as questionnaires that are part of the research cannot be forced upon subjects who wish to withdraw. Call ____________________ at ___________________ or email___________ at ___________if you have questions about the study, any problems, if your child experiences any unexpected physical or psychological discomforts, any injuries, or think that something unusual or unexpected is happening.Permission for a Child to Participate in Research As parent or legal guardian, I authorize _________________________________ (child’s name) to become a participant in the research study described in this form.If there are no benefits from participating in the research, state that fact.

CONFIDENTIALITY Your child’s name will not be used when data from this study are published.

If your child decides to leave the study, the procedure is: _____________________.