Playing it cool while dating

While studies have shown that this can increase desire, it can also backfire.If you haven’t already developed an emotional connection with this person, they can take this as a hint that you’re not really interested.For replying to messages, it’s best to leave it between five minutes and an hour and a half.It’s also important to vary your response times to show him that you have a varied and busy life.Again and again, women report that they meet a guy who seems like he could be perfect in every way.He’s friendly, fun and polite; he has a good job, dresses to impress, and takes pride in his home.To keep your love interest interested, follow these guidelines. It actually pains me to admit why I feel qualified to write about this.

However, a study showed that out of 1,000 people, just four percent agreed with this.

To make playing it cool an effective tactic, get the balance right between being unavailable and ensuring that they’re aware you’re still interested in them.