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It's a bit more layered than Bully's "Feel the Same," in that it incorporates live action and more animated elements to tell the "story" of a literal cat person, but it's very much in the same spirit. The frequent JASH collaborators (FULL DISCLOSURE: Group Nine Media owns JASH and Thrillist.Director: Winston Hacking Release date: November 2 Why it's great: Another entry in the cutout-meets-animated-collage canon, Winston Hacking's work features a density of imagery, including playful takes on sex and human birth that make you question time and time again just what the hell appeared in print over the years. One day all your media will come from a single source.) did a little self-deprecating jabbing at rock star life.And what, exactly, is the difference between so-called natural living and medicine-enhanced life?Director: Elliott Sellers and Erik Ferguson Release date: September 22 Why it's great: ZHU's latest video captures the paradoxical boundlessness of the human body's fragility and resilience in a most grotesque fashion.They still work out, like, , as proven by the sick gym shots in the video!

Director: Ryan Kravontka Release date: June 23 Why it's great: Wow. Don't worry, fans: The New Kids still have those abs!Displaying his signature self-awareness and absurdly high-energy dance moves, PSY adheres closely to the rapid-fire collage aesthetic of "Gagnam Style." And, of course, the song is catchy as hell, with an ironic blend of Korean and English that eventually references a certain 2 Live Crew song in yet another wink at the audience.all have striking visuals, with high-contrast primary colors portraying a surrealist world obsessed with youth, beauty, and feeling good.Two business travelers (Garry Shandling, Victoria Jackson) get stuck in the chewing tobacco section of a Trans-Ozark Airlines flight and wind up covered in tobacco spit.

WIth Kevin Nealon, Nora Dunn, Jan Hooks, Phil Hartman.

In "Pills," a reverse, stop-motion effect creates a sense of unease, as putting you in a state of uncertain reality.