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" I, being a total space cadet, forgot that I had only seen that on Facebook.Instead of joking about how I had seen it online (which I On one of my first dates with my now-boyfriend, we went to a comedy club.Her friends smirk, not looking up.“Tinder sucks,” they say. At a booth in the back, three handsome twentysomething guys in button-downs are having beers.They are Dan, Alex, and Marty, budding investment bankers at the same financial firm, which recruited Alex and Marty straight from an Ivy League campus.

” Well, good news girls: you get over it and one day, you’ll even laugh at it. Here at Gurl, we’ve had more than enough embarrassing date moments to go around and we’re happy to say that we lived through them.Everything was great - the comedian was really funny and we were having a good time... He kept asking my boyfriend all of these weird sexual questions about me while I was sitting right there. But it was still so awkward with everyone staring at us and laughing at our expense. Source: Shutter Stock On one of my first dates with my high school boyfriend, we went to see a movie that was rated R.I was only 16, but I didn't think it was a big deal. I got carded and they wouldn't allow me in unless my date could prove he was my legal guardian.(He was 17.) He obviously couldn't do that, so we had to go see a Disney movie instead. Source: Shutter Stock My major high school crush finally asked me out and I was so excited.

We made plans to go to the movies and I was literally counting down the days.

I got directions to his place and made my mom take me an hour early because I thought we'd get lost and I really didn't want to be late.

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