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Here is just a brief sampling to show you what I mean:• Ross on wearing camo… The word-plays were just overpowering and overwhelming That said, there were a few worthwhile chapters, although at the moment I am having trouble remembering any of them other than the one about his dogs.“Cause honey, if you’ve got it, don’t camouflage it, camou-flaunt it! And I can’t tell if I liked this chapter because it was actually funny and well written, or because I just really like dogs.As the book progressed, he seemed to get further and further away from the stories I wanted to hear (you know, like, about his career), and focused more on kind of select stories from his past.Some of those were interesting, but some just had way too much set up that I wasn't super interested in before getting to the interesting parts (the first example that comes to mind is his story on getting WAY too high on "weed butter" with a good friend.

He is as serious about this as he is about Golden Girls trivia: You don't need to change who you are to achieve your dreams (although there's nothing wrong with a makeover every now and then). Ross basically was handed a chance to be famous and he simple stepped up and did it. I skipped the last disc, but I'm counting it as read AND giving it 3 stars, because I did enjoy what I got through.That being said, I really did enjoy this audiobook overall.I particularly enjoyed the beginning of the book, when Mathews talks about his early years.Especially if you're a fan of pop culture or TV -- hearing about his early days and how his career really got off the ground was a lot of fun.