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As for external appearance, a sensitive compromise was needed: too bus like, and passengers might feel they were being offered second best if they expected a coach; too coach like could mean problems displaying stage carriage destinations later in life.I’m not sure if it was still known as the ‘Donnington’ by this time but it definitely improved with age (like we do!As far as I can tell from my own records the Mk II Britannia was only available with a front entrance at first, but from 1960 onwards a new central entrance design with a much more curved profile at the front end was also offered.

I’m left a bit confused by the comment that "the Donington was replaced by the Britannia".Herewith the conundrum as to what constitutes a C or a DP.Yelloway thought they were too bus like and only bought one batch but most things, including the entrance door, make this look more like a C than a DP.One of my main questions is how the Ribble PDR1 ‘White Lady’ Atlanteans justify the designation ‘coach’, at least among enthusiasts.

The roughly contemporary Leopards with BET-style bodies by Marshall and MCW are always referred to as ‘DP’, though in terms of comfort, style or usage there was little to distinguish them from the Altlanteans; if anything the Leopards were marginally more coach-like internally and ventured further afield.

Here is a photo of 5895 YG, Leyland Leopard with Duple body, in the fleet of Pennine Motor Services, then in Gargrave. The next new addition was 240 CWY, which Roger Cox posted elsewhere on the site a while ago.