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Indeed I was informed that in 2007 the church had considerable difficulty finding a suitable boy, although girls were available, a boy was finally found in Mansfield.In 2013, the boy rocked called Jack, was the grandson of 1930s rocking Walter Henry Maxfield, indicating how much this tradition had become one with the Parish.The tradition was still maintained in 1840, but would have appeared to fallen into abeyance and the of the 26th Feb of 1915 recorded police arrests for drunkenness.The revival We do not hear about the Rockings until it was revived in 1842 after a lapse of 150 years.Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. East Leake cannot claim to date back to these remoter times. Cox' says that Siward was the famous Earl of that name. the Tees and the Humber, and forminf; the Southern part of Northumbria. " 1 The lesser manor of Godric passed to Roger de Busli, who received from the Conqueror no less than 174 manors in this county of Nottinghamshire; the greater manor passed tzedby Go Oglc 13 HISTORY OF EAST LEAKE, from Siward to Henry de Ferrers, whose chief grants ot land lay in Derbyshire. The true account is given in the Terrier for 1809, that 416a. One of the minor disadvantages which followed it was, that some ancient roads and historical landmarks were obliterated. The name does not appear in the list of those who came over with the Conqueror, and this suggests that the family were of Saxon, rather than Norman origin. A TERRIER OF GLEBE LANDS AND GREAT TITHE OF EAST LEKE, 1748. Westwardly drawn to a point Northweatwai'dly by ihe Nori Tianton Road and Southwardly by the Lord- ship of Normanton upon Soar.