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Finally, something that will bother most trans guys is the feeling that you are fetishising them.If you come across as someone who is with him because you want to look cool and hip for dating a trans guy, that will hurt him.How can someone feel sexy when they know that so many people might potentially be disgusted by their bodies?How can people get over that fear when the media pumps us full of ideas about what a sexy body looks like?So, while it *is* commendable and worthwhile to read up on these issues and to take into consideration what you read about the myriad experiences and perspectives of trans folk, please remember that time, openness, trustworthiness and patience are your best tools for getting to know your partner(s).I think it is a truism to say that this applies whether or not your partner(s) is/are trans and all those “how to understand *insert gender of your choice*” along with their essentialist generalisations need to be countered by this.And another finally: if you are lesbian identified and happen to be in love with someone who comes to identify as male, it is understandable that this may be a struggle.

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But still, if you’ve ever felt hesitant to be naked in front of someone or be sexually free with them even when you’re really into them, you can have a bit of an idea of what it is like for many trans folk.Another common way that people find this blog is through running searches such as “dating a transman” and variations thereof.Most of them wind up linking to my post “How to date a transman” which, in turn, linked to an article by Raven Kaldera.If he doesn’t care about gender norms or actively seeks to refute them (like me, for instance) he will be turned off by your adherence to a set of values that he chooses to refute. This guy is discovering a whole new worlds and there will be ups and downs.

Of course, if you care about that sort of thing and don’t plan to change, perhaps you shouldn’t be dating someone who chooses not to live by those rules and find someone with your gender values instead. Sometimes he might be uncomfortable being naked, especially until you’ve earned his trust and he knows that you won’t show discomfort with his non-gender conforming body.

Trans people obviously don’t have a monopoly on body discomfort.

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