Updating classic america bungalows

Landscape architect Connolly and architect Wasserman waltz from Rhode Island to California, inspecting different styles and showcasing before and after floor plans and photographs of renovations and restorations. Because the original bungalow totaled a modest 900 or so square feet, much of the book is devoted to the varieties of expansion possibilities, such as "inside the envelope" (maximizing interior spaces like attics and basements) and exterior additions like dormers. "Bungalows "is a unique combination of outstanding designs and proven ideas for renovating, remodeling, and building a bungalow style home. Shipping may be from multiple locations in the US or from the UK, depending on stock availability. It features innovative and tasteful design solutions for a variety of budgets.Twenty homes are richly illustrated in the aspirational specially commissioned photography and specially drawn before-and-after floor plans. - Remodelling inside the walls - Beyond the walls - - Brand new bungalows - The Once and Future Bungalow - * The bungalow is one of the most common urban houses - yet the building boom for bungalows in Britain (from the 30's to the 50's) means that they are now prime for renovation and remodelling.The second bedroom doubles as an office with a desk, secure wi-fi and printer. Short walking distance amenities include: lively 3rd street with it's many shops and restaurants just 2 blocks north, Trader Joe's and the Beverly Centre 3 blocks West, Wilshire Boulevard to the South and the historic Fairfax Market, The Grove and the LA County Museum and Museum Mile to the East. On street parking permit for 1 car and a near-new bicycle is provided. Midcentury suburban bungalows don’t tend to get a whole lot of love from the “design” community, their straightforward and simple forms oftentimes written off as prosaic or commonplace. Given the right treatment and contextualization, every home style—even the “little boxes” that have dotted the American landscape since the 1920s— has the possibility and potential to be spectacular.Just ask Jenika Kurtz Cuadra, the Los Angeles-based interior designer who recently had the opportunity to completely transform one such home.

Located on a quiet tree-lined street in a family oriented neighborhood in the area known as Beverly Grove, this furnished 2 bedroom duplex home has a well-equipped kitchen with a new ultra-quiet dishwasher and 2 year old spacious refrigerator, stove and microwave, large living room/dining room, laundry room, shady front porch and sunny back deck.Review: "If you are planning to buy and renovate a bungalow, or at least pass pleasant Sunday afternoons looking at them, spend the $29.95..."""If you are planning to buy and renovate a bungalow, or at least pass pleasant Sunday afternoons looking at them, spend the $29.95...""-If you are planning to buy and renovate a bungalow, or at least pass pleasant Sunday afternoons looking at them, spend the $29.95...- About the Author: Landscape architect M.Caren Connolly and architect Louis Wasserman, both graduates of Harvard's School of Design, share a passion for American design and an architectural studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.The only part of the book remaining as inspiration are the room decorations, but these have all been seen before, and nothing dates so fast as interior design tips.

Filled with design ideas and inspiration for renovating, remodeling, and building the classic American house type.

Featuring over 20 case studies of updated homes and bungalows built from scratch, the book is illustrated with inspiring original photography and before and after floor plans. I appreciate the examples showing design principles behind the style- how this style can be tastefully combined with different aestetics.