Updating php in plesk

In this case you can check for errors in the file located in the /tmp directory on the server hard drive.If you need to install a new license key after upgrading, then you will need to open a Support ticket with us requesting a new license.What, you didn’t know that was even part of running a website? In it you will learn a little more about PHP as a language and why it’s important to run the latest version, how to check your site’s PHP and how to upgrade it safely. First of all, it’s a programming language that is open source and thus (like Word Press) free to use.That might also contribute to the fact that PHP is one of the most popular languages for web development.This is also needed if you want the OS itself to run a different versions of PHP, for example because you want to use SSH to install themes or modules for your CMS.You can easily install the necessary updates, control panel add-ons, and even upgrade your control panel to the latest available release using Parallels Plesk Panel Updater function within your Plesk control panel.One of the main improvements PHP 7 offers to Word Press users is increased speed.Benchmarks show the new version to be up to twice as fast as its predecessor.

A technician will retrieve the new license key and attach it to the ticket.You can then follow the instructions for installing your Plesk license key. In the old days, it was pure HTML, today it’s usually a mix of that plus CSS and Java Script. On the server, a different programming language is likely running the scene, especially if you have a Word Press website. Most of the things you see on both the front and back end of your Word Press site exist thanks to PHP.In short, without PHP your Word Press website would not exist.