Updating the nrc s

Talking about unemployment, Sonowal said Assam will reap rich dividends if it can harness inherent potentials of 23 lakh educated jobless youths.A skill development department is being established and plans are on the anvil of transforming Industrial Training Institutes into Multi-Skills Centres, he said.All those who have been residing in Assam before March 25, 1971 or who have established linkage to residents of Assam prior to that date must find their names included in the National Register of Citizens.This will go a long way towards settling the issue of illegal immigrants.Stating that his government is committed for an Assam free from foreigners, corruption, terrorism and pollution, he said "we are committed to make Assam one of the top five states in the country." The Chief Minister appreciated the youths for celebrating the Independence Day despite a boycott call by anti-social forces and said his government is adopting a policy of zero-tolerance towards militancy and insurgency.

Over 47 lakh people have submitted panchayat certificates as linkage documents."Embankments as means to safeguard our rural economy.There are 1,250 embankments covering nearly 5,000 km area but most of them outlived their utility," he said, adding existing embankments will be repaired and new ones erected.Those who have submitted verified panchayat certificates as supporting documents for the process of linkage, particularly married women, should be included in the NRC.