Updating to 3 71 m33

Format your “Memory Stick Duo” to avoid annecessary error03. Before u start upgrading your PSP, make sure that PSP has over 75% battery power (FULL is better)02.This is perfectly OK, because the M33 Creator is doing it’s work in the background. Look into the applications menu again, and you should see another application called the “M33 Upgrade 3.52”.After you have run it, you will be shown a disclaimer and asked to press the X key to confirm. file=50 *after downloaded, just rename it to: 1.50[Download 3.02 Firmware] PBP- (disable USB) Then go to PSP/GAME- Choose "UPDATE MAKER". DXAR file)* if u see an error massage, Invalid SHA-1, while creating DATA. )** 3.71 M33-4.doesn’t metter..(I, personally, updated my PSP one at a time in a series.it is back to you, do whatever it’s best for you.) **Once again, try not to forget the **IMPORTANT** thing that I had told you before.-- -- -- -- -- Let’s start…. PBP (File is on 3.52 M33 updater package)*if it is not, download the original 3.52 Firmware (just google it), then after download process finish, RENAME it to "352.pbp" *- M33CREATOR\EBOOT. PBP[disconnect PSP from PC]- Go to PSP menu “GAME”- Choose “3.52 M33 CREATOR” ‘s icon.- On PSP screen will appear:3.52 M33 Firmware CREATOR —This one will take some times (not Hang)Loading 1.50 firmware ……OKWriting 1.50 firmware ……OKLoading 3.52 firmware ……OKWriting 3.52 firmware ……OKDone Press X to exit- After that, your PSP will be restart automatically. (using Pandora Battery MSD Pro) 3.02 OE-A (Original SONY Firmware to Custom Firmware)- Download ‘302OE.rar’ ( Extrack file ‘302OE.rar’- Connect PSP to PC via USB cable- Copy “oeupdmaker” and “oeupdmaker%” to: /PSP/GAME/- Download 150and 302firmwares [Download 1.50 Firmware] PBP (File is on 3.52 M33 updater package)*if it is not, download the original 1.50 Firmware (just google it), then after download process finish, RENAME it to "150.pbp" *- M33CREATOR\352.They work very hard on this firmware, and they make no profit from it.So I highly suggest that you visit their page, and make a donation so the M33 team can continue hacking the PSP.

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It has to be the GAME150 folder, otherwise the upgrade file will not start.In a few seconds a message will tell you that your PSP has been patched successfully, and pressing X will turn off the PSP.Finally you have upgraded your PSP to the latest and greatest custom firmware.Let it run for a few minutes, and in the end you should see a message telling you that the upgrader was created successfully.

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