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You have access to all the same mobile apps for streaming, backup, and everything else the DS218 offers.Since this model has two more bays than our top pick, you can use different storage configurations that offer better data protection and performance.In addition to speed, the Synology Disk Station DS218 offers a variety of backup and syncing options, plus it has mobile apps for media streaming, file management, and more.It also supports a wide range of third-party apps, such as Plex, Bit Torrent Sync, and Git Lab.Most people don’t need to store thousands of raw photo files, terabytes of raw video, gigabytes of lossless digital music, or backups of their Blu-ray collection, but a NAS is a useful tool for the people who do.

If the writer is lucky, the trend may be popular enough the fans don't mind at this point.You can use the DS218 as a home backup device, a media streamer, a mail server, a website-hosting device, a Bit Torrent box, or a video-surveillance recorder—nearly anything you can do with a Linux computer, while using only about as much electricity as a couple of LED bulbs.If our top pick is sold out, or you’re more interested in an HDMI port and media remote than you are in file-transfer speed, the QNAP TS-251A is a solid alternative choice.He has set up more backup systems, from NAS to cloud storage, for family members and friends than he cares to count.

Samara Lynn has worked with networked storage since the 1990s, spending almost 20 years in IT.

Some Fix Fics use a Peggy Sue to get the ball rolling. Usually a side effect of Die for Our Ship or He's Just Hiding. Either they can be an Alternate Universe Fic that ignores the unwanted elements and replace them with something better. Not to be confused with a which is a novel composed of older and/or unpublished short pieces of fiction, often tied together with some sort of Framing Device.

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