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This revealed areas that needed to be addressed such as areas that were high or low, or where transitions may need additional focus due to program space layout.This also helped ensure that key, critical locations such as operating rooms were of the highest quality.To deliver a superior level of floor flatness, your builder must put in place a detailed plan and implementation strategy.For example, an innovative Structural Survey and Floor Flatness Program is currently being implemented at the new 1 million-square-foot flagship Kaiser Permanente Phase 2 project in Oakland, Calif.Constructing a state-of-the-art facility demands the highest quality standards.An experienced builder must understand the unique complexities of each specific project to ensure success.Bottom line, this effort helps mitigate all team member risks, reduces costs and schedule, provides higher quality, and ensures owner expectations are exceeded.About the Author Chris Pechacek is the Virtual Design and Construction Director for the Northern Pacific Division of Mc Carthy Building Companies, Inc.

To kick off the effort, the team met to determine the requirements necessary to achieve site and floor control to within 1/16”.Organizational description: Kaiser Permanente is the largest non-profit healthcare provider in the U. To encourage healthy environments, innovative efforts throughout the organization aim to decrease waste and pollutants, conserve water and energy, promote sustainable agriculture and food procurement, and take steps to reduce our carbon footprint (including a goal to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2020, compared to our 2008 baseline).In 2014, we accelerated our efforts by signing long-term contracts that will increase our purchasing of renewable energy to half of the electricity we use in California, making Kaiser Permanente one of the top users of green power in the country.This mitigated risks that might occur downstream by validating that there no issues up front and identifying any issues that could be proactively addressed.

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