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Adam: “We’re playing an old song called No 1 on this tour. That’s why the bass is the best instrument to play! We piss people off because we’re all so busy.” Dougie: “I’d love to do this again.The last time we played it I put my left hand in the air while I was drumming and it got stuck there. I had to put my stick down and pull my left hand down with my right.”Dougie: “That’s how it all comes back to chemistry, because if I didn’t know you and saw you doing that I’d think, ‘What the fuck’s going on?! I notice them but no-one else.”Dougie: “There was a point the other night where I stopped playing. ”Could there be further A activity beyond these shows? Even more tense was the moment when the famous 'Kisscam' landed on Ellie Goulding and Mc Fly's Dougie Poynter, who was sitting next to her.Unlike nearly every other woman in the world, Ellie decided she didn't want any tongue action with him, and refused to give the poor lad even a peck.

The duo were spotted together watching basketball at the O2 Arena in London, and it looks like the clash between the Brooklyn Nets and Atlanta Hawks was a tense one (but maybe not for the people behind them...).

Playing wise, it has been fine.”Adam: “We were blown away that Dougie knew the songs. The songs aren’t super-complicated but on a song like Nothing, there’s a lot going on in the verse.”Dougie: “It’s the structures. You’ve got to learn those, and it doesn’t matter how much you practise; you’ve then got to go do it in front of a bunch of people with all of these distractions, and sometimes things going wrong and it not sounding great on stage.”Dougie, how much of a transition has it been for you, moving from the Mc Fly rhythm section with Harry to playing with Adam? I’ve always wanted to play fast punk stuff, and to do it is really fun. I went to see them when I was 12 with my best mate and we watched New Found Glory play their self-titled album, and it was at that gig that we turned to each other and said we should form a band. Instead of just hanging out we were in a band together now.

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