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I have three kids and two great dads and it’s not always easy, but you have to try to be a little selfless and we manage just fine.”congratulated Kimora on her marriage to Tim Leissner via Twitter." data-reactid="34"In fact, the exes are so comfortable with their post-marriage relationship that in February 2014, Russell congratulated Kimora on her marriage to Tim Leissner via Twitter.“All of us love @Official Kimora but the fact is she is happily married,” he wrote.“Tim has been in the family for a while now.” (The tweet is no longer available since Simmons deleted his account.)People, he’s been accused of sexual misconduct by 15 women.Simmons continued to profess his innocence in a statement: “I have already apologized for the instances of thoughtlessness in my consensual relations. What I will not accept is responsibility for what I have not done.I have conducted my life with a message of peace and love.Shea Coulee has A LOT OF FACe and I kinda like it?! Like her Vogue editorial in the arctic effect, did you clock the ICE SPIKE earrings they were awesome, for the white challenge which is a HARD challenge mind you because its SO HARD not to make white LOOK CHEAP. Akashia: Maybe the first person to fall on the runway??? God I hated the idiot RPDR fan base who talked shit about her simply because they couldnt relate to her because she was confident in her abilities.I think ROYAL BLUE is the only other color that you can put on a woman that looks cheaper than WHITE. A wolf does NOT consult the sheep as to what to have for dinner!?!

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The most recent accusation comes from filmmaker Jennifer Jarosik, who alleges that Russell raped her in his Beverly Hills home in 2016.I think there has NEVER been a good queen from Las Vegas. It doesn't matter how classy the lady is if you put her in it SHES LOOKS CHEAP. Its therapeutic for me to be mean on here as its "purging". It was like giving someone a compliment and they turn their back. You will notice as thece list goes it runs from HARSH to KIND being that we go from people who are wasting our time and perhaps not living an honest fantasy but trying to be something they FEEL they're SUPPOSED to be and talented artists who capture us as they reveal beautifully honest selves which bloom from their unconscious. Shes maybe made me laugh more than any other queen.Do you know Raven is doing Res make up now and Delta Work is doing the hair?!?!? The Top 25 are ICONIC GOLD and are identities who hold their own amongst all the queens. The only “negative” I can think of is I dont like her interest in nails, seems like something India Ferra would be into.Over the course of their relationship, they were also business partners.

Kimora was the creative director of Baby Phat, an offshoot of Russell’s popular Phat Farm clothing line.

When he sold the label and moved on from his role as CEO, she became president and creative director of Phat Fashions, which included the launch of a line of activewear. Kimora filed for divorce in 2008, and it was finalized in 2009.