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Meanwhile, Tom's hand had fallen from Annie's breast and was gently caressing her stomach.Soon enough, his hand slid under her skirt and I could see his arm stiffen as his fingers flowed across the lace front of her panties.A younger man than me, Tom was no pin up but, as Annie had confided, women found him attractive with his piercing blue eyes and lithe figure.

Annie was quite disappointed and I guess I was too as it would probably have been a naked spa and might well have been fun. See if you can spot the point where fact becomes fiction.* It was almost 8pm one warm Tuesday evening in autumn and my wife Annie and I were expecting a casual friend to call in for a drink after dinner.As I watched motionless, Tom's hand slid up under Annie's loose top and she murmured her pleasure through a kiss.

They were still near the door, moving slowly with the music.

I could hear music still playing and guessed that Annie was clearing up before bed. When I awoke some 25 minutes later, Annie was still not beside me.